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Doors & Windows All Access Construction, IncWindow replacement is one common recommendation among construction professionals as a way to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Of course, as window experts ourselves, we agree with the recommendation. According to a study on the energy performance of residential windows, new windows reduce annual heating and cooling costs by 22%.

Doors & Windows All Access Construction, IncSometimes it’s just time for something new. In 2017 Empire Today conducted a national survey on the reasons why people took on various types of home improvement projects. Across the country, people reported the top reason for home renovation projects was because they wanted a new look and the least common reason was that they were planning on selling their home.

So what does that tell us? Well, it indicates that it’s a good time to invest in your home especially if you plan on staying in it for years to come. You should feel comfortable in the home you live in and that includes enjoying the way it looks and feels.

Doors & Windows All Access Construction, IncIf you want to update the style of your house getting replacement windows could be a good option. Designers agree that clean lines, expansive glass, and sliding glass doors and folding doors are popular among homeowners. You can follow these trends by swapping out your grid-lined windows with windows with fewer grids, like those with only top row grids, or going completely gridless.

High-Performance Windows and Doors

All Access Construction is recognized as a leading expert in the San Diego East County when it comes to adding high-performance windows and doors that update your home’s styling and save you money!

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