The Perfect Bathroom Is Your Perfect Retreat

Interior Design Experts tell us these things contribute to creating a perfect bathroom.

If you thought the bathroom was your escape before, it’s even more important to make it your oasis now. Whether you’re flooded with Zoom meetings, homeschooling the kids, or burnout from the work-from-home life, a daily bath or shower may sometimes be your only moment for precious alone time.

Great Lighting

Dimmable overhead lighting is a must-have and very attractive option for a bathroom, as you can set the mood based on the task, be it a bath or a shower. We all know natural light is ideal, but if your bathroom lacks a window, and you’re not quite ready to add one (yet anyway), you can make up for it. For starters, look to your vanity for inspiration. Light right next to your vanity is really important because you need to see yourself. Adding controllable accessory lighting, even just increasing the wattage of the lights around your sink’s mirror, can reinvigorate your space.

Framed Artwork

Statement artwork brings your personality into the bathroom. Glass-framed artwork or vintage textiles. The best way to incorporate more than one piece of art? Hang a series of similarly themed photos.

Additional Storage

Whether you’re refurbishing a master bathroom or a powder room, there’s a ton you can do to maximize your storage. The easiest fix? Add shelves inside your vanity mirror. And use other space-saving pieces to declutter.

Consider your immediate bathroom needs like the towels, and then make sure your closed-door storage can hold what you need.

Soothing paint colors with an accent wall

To give your bathroom a tranquil feel, use neutral colors. The darker the colors are in the bathroom, the less you’re going to see the natural light.

You can add an accent wall in your bathroom too, it increases the feel of space and adds depth.

New Fixtures

Updating the hardware in your bathroom goes a long way. Combined with expanding on your lighting, you can change the whole look and feel of your bathroom, and still utilize the same plumbing. Consider the wide variety of fixtures available these days, keeping in mind colors, finish, size, and function.

Putting It Together

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